35th Annual Independence Day Parade

35th Independence Day Parade will be held Tuesday, July 4 at 9:30 a.m. until noon. Due to overwhelming popularity, entries will be limited to the first 90 registrations received.


Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Please review all of the important notices below:

? The name above (in red) is how your entry will be listed in the lineup. Please make sure that every member of your group knows that name!

? Line up for parade vehicles will be at the Farragut High School junior lot (not the circle lot!) Parade vehicles and floats may be parked at the correct line-up number at this lot as early as 5:00 p.m. through 10 p.m. on Monday, July 3 but must be in place no later than 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, July 4. A guard will be on duty at the parking lot all night. Maximum height for entries is 15’ 2”. Access to the high school junior lot is available from N. Campbell Station Road and West End Ave. via Kingston Pike. Access from Lendon Welch Way (Stadium Dr.) will not be available. Due to the high number of parade participants and extremely long lines, please allow at least 30 minutes from Campbell Station Road and Kingston Pike to the high school parking area. Only parade vehicles will be allowed in the lineup area.

? Parking for parade participants (and vehicles not in the parade) will be available in the main Farragut High School parking lot (senior/teacher lot in the circle) and can be accessed from the school entrance off N. Campbell Station Road; or at the Farragut Middle School parking lot which can be accessed from West End Drive. Participants can also be dropped off along circle drive for access to the parade lineup area, but drivers cannot turn off or leave car and stop should be just long enough for parade participant to safely exit the vehicle.

? DO NOT THROW ANY ITEMS from your car or float. Throwing of objects, including candy, is STRICTLY PROHIBITED as it has been causing a safety hazard. This is to avoid someone being hit or run over by a vehicle, etc. trying to pick up items in the road. Parade participants wishing to distribute items may have individuals walk alongside the entry and HAND OUT ITEMS to the crowd. Parade entries need to have adequate numbers of walkers to assist with handouts – at least 15 people are recommended for this. Parade entries that continue to ignore this requirement will not be allowed to register for future parades.

? For the same reasons as throwing out items, parade vehicles are prohibited from producing bubbles, foam, and any other material that would attract children to enter the parade vehicle route.

? Please be wise about handing out your items along the parade route. Reserve some in the beginning or you may run out by the time you get to the mid-point of the parade. Plan on approximately 3,000 to 6,000 parade watchers.

? The parade route is long and includes a hill that can be difficult in the heat. Walking groups must keep up with the parade vehicle in front of them and not have any children younger than 9 years old. All younger children must ride in a vehicle. Entries with children must have one adult chaperone per 10 children.

? Performance groups must not stop flow of parade. Performances may be done when natural stops occur along the parade route.

? Kingston Pike will be closed from Concord Road to Boring Road (approximately 1.4 miles) starting at 8:30 a.m. Kingston Pike will re-open immediately after the parade.

? The parade will travel from the Farragut High School parking lot to Kingston Pike to Boring Road. This is the parade end point. Please make arrangements for your participants to be picked up at Farragut Towne Square (Ingles).

? Due to safety concerns, fireworks, firecrackers, etc. are not permitted. Nothing can be discharged – fireworks, guns, snaps, etc.

? Parade line-up numbers will be available on the Farragut Parks and Recreation website (farragutparksandrec.org) beginning at 8:00 a.m. on Friday, June 30 and will be posted on the front doors of the Farragut Community Center. Also, line-up numbers will be available at the entrances of the high school on the day of the parade. Please notify every participant in your group that you are registered under the above name. Parade numbers will not be available by phone.

? Kingston Pike will re-open immediately after the parade.

? Car Club or Antique Car Entries: All car club entries must travel side by side. (Reminder: limit 8 vehicles per club entry). Please remember that the parade moves very slowly. Antique cars should be able to “idle” for long periods of time. There is no special entrance or accommodation for antique cars, so please allow for an early arrival.

? Refusal to follow the guidelines listed may result in your group being banned from future parades. Repeated offenses will not be tolerated.

Program Type Special Event
Program Subcategory -
Program Code -
Online Registration Yes
Enrollment Begin Date 4/1/2023
Enrollment End Date 6/19/2023
Town of Farragut
Gender Any Gender
Enrollment Minimum 1
Maximum 88
Grade Minimum -
Maximum -
Age Minimum -
Maximum -
35th Annual Independence Day P
Residency Restriction -None-
Membership Restrictions -
Amount $0.00
Tuesday - 07/04/2023
Start Time 8:00 AM
End Time 8:00 AM
Location -